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    Need a break? Break off a pieces of that Kit Kat bar!

    Matcha Kit Kat
    The KIT KAT flavor that won over Japan has arrived in Canada! NESTLÉ KIT KAT® Matcha Green Tea Bar is a refreshing new flavor with the perfect balance of KIT KAT® crisp wafer enrobed in a smooth Matcha Green Tea Coating. Made with real Green Tea Matcha Powder, you’ll definitely want to break off a piece of this taste experience. 

    White Chocolate Kit Kat 
    Step out of the ordinary with the mouthwatering flavor and crunchy texture in these extraordinarily addictive Kit Kat white chocolate candy bars. It’s the classic four-finger Kit Kat bar you love, but with layers of light, crispy wafers enrobed in creamy white chocolate for extra yum. This 24-piece box ensures there’s always a white crème Kitkat bar within quick reach when you’re craving a sweet afternoon snack or an easy after-dinner dessert. In the mood for a delectable alternative to the time-honored milk chocolate Kit Kat bar? We invite you to browse the cyber aisles of Candy Warehouse where’ll you find a huge collection of exciting Kit Kat flavors from U.S. producer Hershey’s and Japanese maker Nestle that you might not even know exist!


    *Only Available for Delivery in Canada