Pickup Instructions

At checkout you will see the option to pick up your online store order at our retail location at 250 Augusta Avenue, in Toronto's Kensington Market.

Please follow these instructions for pickup:

1. Pickup hours are 11 am-5 pm. We recommend ordering a day in advance, but if that's not possible, give us 4 hours (after opening) to fulfill your order to be safe.

2. We'll send you an email when your order is ready.

3. Due to high volume of demand during holiday season, we ask that you please pick up your order within 1 week (e.g. if the order is ready on Monday, pick up by Sunday). Orders that are not picked up within 1 week will be canceled and a refund issued. 

4. If you have special instructions, like you want us to bring the bag to you at the door instead of picking it up at the cash desk, please send us an email at justsayhi@bbmgifts.com when you're on way and let us know.

5. Have your order confirmation with you, printed or on your phone.